Dreams can sometimes not be followed!

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I am who I am

Over the course of a few weeks I have come to the realization that I may never be part of the South-African police service. The reason for this is because of the BEE , as well as only 12 of the 2017 recruit’s where white.

Sometimes I just wonder when we will all stop being black, white or Indian’s and all be South-Africans? Coming from a law enforcement family I feel it is my moral obligation to serve my community.

Since I can remember I wanted to join the SAPS, and now I only have 8 months of school left, and the mere fact that I will possibly never serve in uniform makes me angry beyond any comparison.

Why should I be turned down just because the colour of my skin? I am willing to serve and be payed with just a plate of food, that is how badly I want to wear the uniform.

But I do believe through the power of prayer I can overcome every single obstacle.

To protect and serve South-Africans

Wouter Kruger


Stay or Go!?

With the ANC’s new propaganda to expropriate land from white owner’s without compensation, has left me wondering if South-Africa is still the place for me.

I am now only starting to get a clear view on the future, and should I have kids one day, I would want them to belong!

In the past I have been shouted on that I should go back where I come from (Europe), yet I only know Africa, how Ironic is it?

My grandfather dedicated his life to South-Africa, and now I face the possibility of having nothing, should I stay.

Yes the rainbow nation is in sy moer!

I do not see a place for me here anymore, and it is heartbreaking to think that in a couple of years I may be sitting in a forgein contry that is not mine.

But hopefully where ever I end up, I will feel like I belong, becuase It doesn’t feel like I belong in my own country anymore.

South-Africa has gone from bad to good to bad again.

But one thing you can’t take away from me is Africa, because even if I sit a thousand of km’s away, Africa still runs through my veins.

Last pos

Wouter Kruger


Whether I serve In the SAPS or in the army, I will ultimately serve my country.

I am proud to be a South-African, and yes I will protect my country, even if that price is death.

I do believe in the power of prayer, and with that on my side, nothing will stop me from joining.